StemCell Game Engine

This video shows the the Survive game mode evening scene in the I Shall Remain game (constructed using StemCell and CellBuilder entirely)

This video shows a complete demo scene constructed with our engine and tools

StemCell Engine is a suite of c++ modules which work together orchestrated by a core architecture library. Most of the technical aproaches we made take into consideration simple software development principles

  • Pluggable system – the user should be able to plug in/out modules as they wish. Therefore many instances of the same module can be tested separately in different environaments, multiple configurations can be constructed by combining modules in a meaningful way
  • Generic architecture – The core architecture can combine different achitectural constructed modules (mfc, .net, dlls or exes will talk together using basic interfacing principles), modules can be stored in the same library or spread over multiple libraries
  • Logical high-level structure – The core architecture defines logical base class modules with support for single and multithreading, eventing, queuing and parent-child relations. Modules can be combined as needed to construct a comprehensive game architecture

Here there  is a video of particle effects used in our engine

Here there are some samples from the demos we worked on


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