Minions of Steel

In those last days, man struggled to overcome the shimmering blight that befell life on the earth. The blight came in waves of thundering steel across the vast divides of the lands. These thundering hoards of soulless steel drove destruction deep into human civilization and conquered all that was once great cities and prizes of mankind.

These terrible and great armies, these metal demons, swept through our homes, our settlements and our defenses with the grip of death never before dreamt in our most ferocious nightmares. The blood of our heroes was spilled in shameful waves of vane offensives against this frozen, relentless steel. Their blood oiled the cold precise mechanisms of our undoing.

Mankind had become so self-glorified, and the world swooned with its own genius – is it any wonder that we, ourselves, created these great Minions of Steel? The war was lost for man, but it was just the beginning for GENEI

You can visit the MOS facebook page here :

Here there is an early WIP of MOS here (its not representative of the final look of the game). I’ve implemented the logic of the game (base game structure, AI, Pathfinding, weapons, projectiles, FX, sound logic, minimap, FOW, FPS-RTS cameras and logic, part of the networking)

Here there are few screenshots form the game:


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