Engine/game projects

PositronX is our upcoming title on Steam Early Access. A First person Rogue-lite action title, we play with time and space in ways and combinations few games do.

The released version for I Shall Remain can be accessed here http://store.steampowered.com/app/293460

Here there are some short videos from one of the games I work on : Mana Aegis

Here there is an example of the CellBuilder application showcasing the  ‘JustPlay ‘ feature

And here there is the same scene played as a normal game


My area of expertise in game development and game construction tools relates to many types of games as well as general game and game tools architecture. The following projects are some of the latest applications i worked on in my 15 years of professional experience.

  • I Shall Remain Action RPG game (http://www.scorpiusgames.com/isrdetail/)
  • Mana Aegis (http://www.scorpiusgames.com/mana-aegis/)
  • Minions of Steel RTS/FPS game
  • StemCell Game Engine
  • CellBuilder world construction tool
  • UMAG medical application
  • Hospital application prototype
  • NAV6 medical simulation
  • Educational game prototype
  • ATV Madness game demo
  • OilPlatform game demo
  • Syntet game demo
  • Forest proof of concept and demo
  • Ultimate Casino Poker game
  • Video/DVD 3d scene generator
  • MitraClip Viewer project
  • Unreal game project

And here there are pictures from other applications/games





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